Graphic Designing Courses in Pune

About Graphic Designing Courses:

It is highly important in 2022 to wisely choose the best graphic design courses in Pune with assured placement. We at Language Shala primarily focus on design thinking and innovative design principles. Best way to learn graphic design course in Pune is by directly training on live projects, Language Shala has clients all across the globe on which our students learn with hands on practical approach which makes Language Shala the top institute for graphic design classes in Pune.

Maximum graphic design course syllabus designed by Language Shala makes it the first choice of all to enroll at our institute for advanced graphic design course program which has helped us place over 2500+ students in more than 150 companies throughout these long years of existences.

Course Highlights & Why Graphical Design Course in Pune at Language Shala?

  • The graphical design course in Pune at Language Shala focuses to familiarize the trainees with basic principles and fundamentals in visual art and design.
  • The precisely designed curriculum will emphasize on the development of basic skills using tools and theory used in the design process.
  • The professional faculty of Language Shala will enable our trainees to create computer based projects using adobe photoshop and illustrator software programs.
  • The mentors of this course will introduce our trainees to online design resources that will inspire and enrich trainee’s knowledge.
  • The trainees will get familiarized with the working knowledge of design elements and design principles.
  • The graphical design course in Pune at Language Shala aims to provide Introduction to typography vocabulary.

Top Placement Companies

We are delighted to have our super students working with these industry giants. Language Shala placement has been our greatest strength for years, however working for such huge organization effectively requires sharp academic eligibility and our advanced digital marketing course in Pune sharpens the probability of getting placed impressively.